Following pools are currently participating in Vending Machine token distribution. Stake with any of these pools in order to receive rewards from them!
Ticker Name Description Links
1Mate 1Mate 1Mate adapools.org pool.pm
21ADA 21ADA 21ADA adapools.org pool.pm
46S 46S 46 South Stake Pool

Welcome to 46S Stake Pool. We're proud to be running on 100% renewable energy and minting renewable energy powered blocks. If you delegate with us you'll also received $HOSKY, $DRIPZ, $ZIBER and will also be part of the Climate Nuetral Cardano CNCAla ISPO project. The CNCAla project is helping reforest part of Madagascar and is a grass roots project, working with the people on the ground.

adapools.org pool.pm
A3C A3C A3C Cardano Pool adapools.org pool.pm
A4G A4G ADA4Good

Astarter ISPO Partner Pool. Super Approachable and transparant Stake Pool that works to Connect, assist & grow the Cardano community. We have 2 WMT promotions running (website for more info). We Donate 33% of margin fees to Save The Children! Donated: $ 15,488. WMT Shared: 20,781. Our mission is to Educate & Help children with "Save The Children", Connect them with "World Mobile Token" and to Empower them with "Cardano". WMT Earth Node Operator (WMT4Good)

adapools.org pool.pm
00000 00000 Adaberry Pi adapools.org pool.pm
BLU BLU Adablue adapools.org pool.pm
AIR AIR ADABreathes adapools.org pool.pm
ADACT ADACT ADA Capital adapools.org pool.pm
4WARD 4WARD ADA for Warriors adapools.org pool.pm

ADA North pool www.adanorthpool.com

adapools.org pool.pm
ARARE ARARE AdaRare Stake Pool adapools.org pool.pm

Committed to your rewards, our community, and a world in need of liberty

  • Top 500 Pledge
  • Top 1000 Blocks minted all time
  • Single Pool Operator (CSPA)
  • Mission Driven (MDP)
  • SPO known and available
  • 0% Margin + $ADA airdrops
adapools.org pool.pm
SEAL SEAL adaseal.eu

We are a community pool located in the heart of Europe, running on physical servers housed in a professional datacenter, operated by seasoned IT professionals. We are committed to support Cardano project in a long-term by operating a low cost community pool (0% margin) with perfect uptime and yield.

Because we love animals, and in order to make our pool even more attractive to potential delegators, we decided to donate 10% of our pool profits to seal sanctuaries and animal shelters! See our website https://adaseal.eu/ for more information.

adapools.org pool.pm
SQRL SQRL ADASquirrel adapools.org pool.pm

Adria Pool is trusted high-performance ZERO fees Single Stake Pool. We are creators of dappsoncardano.com

Stake with us and earn ADA, Sundae, cNeta, Hosky & Bison!

Check our website: https://adriapool.net Follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/AdriaStakePool Follow: https://twitter.com/dappsoncardano

adapools.org pool.pm
ALFA ALFA Alfa Pool adapools.org pool.pm
ALICE ALICE Alice adapools.org pool.pm
MEDA MEDA ANDROMEDA adapools.org pool.pm

We are rural midwest based family run staking pool. We run our pool using a network of low powered Raspberry Pi.

adapools.org pool.pm

APEX Stake Pool: Low fees - 340 Fixed Cost and 1.99% Margin (variable fee). SPO with 25 years of IT experience, developing on Cardano, supporting the Cardano community and the decentralization of Cardano. Bare Metal stake pool (bare metal servers in Europe and North America), with redundant infrastructure on 3 continents. Member of CSPA and xSPO Alliances. https://apexpool.info/discord

adapools.org pool.pm
AQUA AQUA AquaPoolADA adapools.org pool.pm
ARM1 ARM1 ArmADA StakePool

Canadian stake pool verified from ITN with low fees, high reliability and security. Stake with us and help Cardano become decentralized.

adapools.org pool.pm
ARRK ARRK ARRK POOL adapools.org pool.pm
ATFF ATFF Austrian Volunteer Firefighters adapools.org pool.pm

BEADA pool: supporting our planet as a beekeeper, while also educating and training others in the importance of bees for our planet!

Additionally, we donate 20% of pool rewards to charity as part of the CNCAla ISPO.

Our pool is hosted on hardware at home, powered by solar.

adapools.org pool.pm
BHMT BHMT Behemoth adapools.org pool.pm
BICEP BICEP BICEP adapools.org pool.pm
RANCH RANCH Bison Steak Pool adapools.org pool.pm
BITB BITB Bitterbal Pool

Cardano Dutch Stakepool, for people from the Netherlands. We are Dutch Cardano Community member who produce content in Dutch language on Youtube and Podcasts. We donate 25% of our pool rewards to the Dutch Food Bank who distributes food surpluses to people in need. Help our pool by delegating to us!

adapools.org pool.pm
BBHMM BBHMM Blockchain Better Have My Money

Blockchain Better Have My Money 🔐 ⛓Stake with B B H M M ⛓ Increase K 🥇Cardano Single Pool Alliance 🥇 ☔️Tosi Drop core pool ☔️ $TOSI ☔️ 🧿$INDY pool dropper 🧿 🛰Freeloaderz PSPO pools $FLZ 🛰 💻$NTX NuNet EarnDrop pool 💻

adapools.org pool.pm
WELL WELL Blocks Well adapools.org pool.pm
BOBA BOBA BOBA adapools.org pool.pm
CSP CSP Capital Stake Pool adapools.org pool.pm

Stake with us to support the CardanoBits Community and get a chance to win some CBITs!

More info on our discord server: https://discord.gg/prKRY8ZTtn

adapools.org pool.pm
CBH CBH Cardano Blockhouse

Cardano Blockhouse welcomes every single new delegator with any amount of stake. All nodes are running with renewable energy to be climate neutral. Help us grow and stake some of your ADA with us! Any small amount is very welcome! Don't hesitate to contact me via telegram, twitter or mail if you have any questions. Join our telegram channel: https://t.me/CardanoBlockhouse https://cardano-blockhouse.de/

adapools.org pool.pm
CRFA CRFA Cardano Fans adapools.org pool.pm
DACH DACH Cardano Kanal Staking Pool adapools.org pool.pm
DINO DINO Cardino Stake Pool adapools.org pool.pm
CCYT CCYT CCATALYST adapools.org pool.pm
CLP CLP Charity Lounge adapools.org pool.pm
CHRTY CHRTY Charity pool adapools.org pool.pm
CHEF CHEF Chef Pool adapools.org pool.pm
ITZA ITZA Chichen Itza

Welcome to Chichén Itzá! ITZA 🛕🐍 The Cardano stake pool operated by Latin Stake Pools an Argentinian start-up.

🇦🇷 Stake Pool from Argentina 🗳 Member of AldeaDao 🥇 Member of Cardano Single Pool Alliance 💩 HOSKY token RUG POOL ♻️ Carbon Neutral 🗺 Geo-redundancy 🪙 Unique NFTs each epoch 🏧 Vending Machine for $PIGY & $HOSKY 🏆 Extra benefits for Loyal Delegators

✉️ Join our telegram communication channel https://t.me/ITZA_Cardano

adapools.org pool.pm
CHIL CHIL Chile_Stake_po adapools.org pool.pm
CIEL CIEL CIEL adapools.org pool.pm
CSCS CSCS CloudStruct Cardano Staking

CloudStruct is now Blink Labs!

Check out our open source projects on GitHub or join the conversation on our Discord server.

adapools.org pool.pm

[CLYDE]dev Stake Pool brought to you by phrankerCO

Official stake pool to $FIRE Token (@FireTokenADA). Earn $FIRE staking with [CLYDE]!

adapools.org pool.pm

Sharing in the love of the CNFT community

adapools.org pool.pm
CONGE CONGE Congee Pool adapools.org pool.pm
CBROS CBROS Coudre Bros adapools.org pool.pm
NINJZ NINJZ Danketsu adapools.org pool.pm
DAPP DAPP Dapp Central Stake Pool adapools.org pool.pm
dtDn dtDn dataDyne.earth

dataDyne stake pool runs exclusively on solar energy produced and stored locally.


  • Each epoch we give ~340ADA to our delegators through the distribution of dollarDyne tokens
  • We airdrop exclusive dataDyne NFTs to our delegators, don't miss this opportunity! Rewards can be claimed on tosidrop.io. They are valid for 10 epochs so be sure to claim them on time!

More info on our website http://datadyne.earth/cardano

adapools.org pool.pm
DEEP DEEP Deep End adapools.org pool.pm
DEV DEV Development Stake Pool adapools.org pool.pm
DISCO DISCO DISCO adapools.org pool.pm
DOLCA DOLCA DOLCA adapools.org pool.pm
DOT5 DOT5 DOT5 adapools.org pool.pm

Enjoy low fees, robust and secure infrastructure, all managed by passionate Plutus Pioneers at Dotare. Delegating to earn staking rewards contributes directly to the security of the Cardano blockchain and supports the inherent value of YOUR Ada!

adapools.org pool.pm
DOXA DOXA DOXA adapools.org pool.pm
YABAK YABAK Dr Meow Cardano Stake Pool

Yabak pool is for

  1. Community
  2. Support of Cardano ecosystem
  3. Donation
  4. Support for Linkberry worlds
adapools.org pool.pm
DND DND Drunken Dragon Pool

Earn Dragon Silver tokens to purchase exclusive Drunken Dragon collectibles! https://drunkendragon.games/

adapools.org pool.pm
ECP ECP Earn Coin Pool adapools.org pool.pm
EASY1 EASY1 Easy Staking Pool

Educate, Research & Develop. Cardano builder, Blogger: CasaCardano.it, CEO of argusnft.com

adapools.org pool.pm
ONE ONE EnigmA adapools.org pool.pm
ENVY ENVY Envy Stake Pool

ENVY provides excellent staking service to delegators. We care about supporting children and promoting adoption for foster care children by donating 20% operator rewards to Save The Children & Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. We are part of the Free Loaderz coalition of stake pools, and are an active community member looking for delegators! Plus you are supporting decentralization!

adapools.org pool.pm
ESG ESG ESG adapools.org pool.pm

Join EURO-Pool to earn additional $WOLF, $PTC and $Charly tokens on Tosidrop. io!

EURO-Pool started in 2020 out of curiosity for the cardano blockchain. After getting more and more excited about the tech cardano-tools.io was created to help others to use the advantages of cardano without hacking the console. It's features gets continiously extended and improved with the help of the community.

In terms of decentralization the $WOLF and $Charly communities started to support EURO-Pool and give delegators incentive with their tokens to switch from big pools to small pools like this. Meanwhile, the communities continue to work to increase the value of the tokens to allow people to continue doing good with them and supporting the cardano network.

Stake with EURO-Pool to support the further development of cardano-tools.io, help cover the running costs and earn $WOLF, $PTC and $Charly tokens along the way! Surplus fixed costs are of course returned to stakers!

adapools.org pool.pm
EUSKL EUSKL EUSKAL adapools.org pool.pm
FALCO FALCO Falcon adapools.org pool.pm
FASO FASO Faso Pool adapools.org pool.pm
FGPX FGPX Fast G Pool adapools.org pool.pm
FATTY FATTY Fat Matt staking adapools.org pool.pm
FEEL FEEL FEEL adapools.org pool.pm
FLOW FLOW FLOW adapools.org pool.pm
FRSC FRSC Freedom Socal adapools.org pool.pm

We're a CNC Ala ISPO Pool, as well as an ISPO pool for NuNet, Machiavellic, and Mandala Metaverse!

GAIA cares about our planet - we donate 1/2 our profits to charities that heal the Earth. Awesome monthly digital art rewards for delegators, and world-changing impact!

Planting trees and cleaning up the oceans is how we make a difference together.

adapools.org pool.pm
GAME GAME Gaming Cardano adapools.org pool.pm
GOLGI GOLGI GOLGI Italy Pool 1 adapools.org pool.pm
HAMDA HAMDA Hamster adapools.org pool.pm
HUG HUG Happy HUG Staking

🥩 Stake with HUG to earn $ADA & additional tokens on TosiDrop ☔ 🎚️ Low margin at 1% and 340 fee 👔 Professionally run pool operated and owned by a 15+ years experience IT guy. 🦾 Run on bare-metal servers that have been designed and built to IOG and Cardano Foundation specifications ❤️ Mission Driven Single SPO, supporting mental health related charities. 💵 Promotional offers

adapools.org pool.pm
ARMN ARMN Harmonic adapools.org pool.pm
HEART HEART HEART adapools.org pool.pm
HEDGE HEDGE Hedges Stake Pool adapools.org pool.pm
HEPHY HEPHY Hephaestus

Established in Epoch 322, now running for over a year. Located in the United Kingdom. CSPA and xSPO Alliance member. Bare metal BP and relay on Intel NUC 11 series hardware with an additional ARM-based cloud relay. Donating 20% of operator fees to support arts and creative-focused charities, currently donating to Arts Emergency. Regularly attends the London Cardano Social events and participated in the SPO Panel at the London Cardano Summit 2022 event. Website: https://hephy.io | Twitter: https://twitter.com/HephyPool

adapools.org pool.pm
HODLR HODLR Hodler Coalition adapools.org pool.pm
HOLA HOLA HOLA StakePool adapools.org pool.pm

Welcome to HSt ADA Pool, where we're committed to powering the future of Cardano's decentralized ecosystem. As a reliable stake pool, we strive to provide a secure and rewarding staking experience for ADA holders. We are proud to offer a 0% margin fee, ensuring that you receive maximum rewards for your delegated ADA. Join our community of forward-thinking ADA holders today and unlock the full potential of Cardano's secure and decentralized ecosystem. Stake with us and seize the opportunities that await you in the world of Cardano.

adapools.org pool.pm
IRF IRF IRF adapools.org pool.pm
HARM HARM ISPO | harmlesscoin.com adapools.org pool.pm

Staking Cardano Made in 🍕 Italy 🍝 . We are a team of passionate IT professionals located in Italy near the city of Milan🌆.

We believe in decentralization 🗽 and our Core Node is locally hosted in a professional environment. We have three relay nodes 🗄️🗄️🗄️ geographically distributed 🌍 + 1 relay 🇮🇹 for dedicated peering.

We're looking forward to welcome you onboard and grow together 🤝🏼💕!


adapools.org pool.pm
KAWAN KAWAN Kawanua adapools.org pool.pm
KAYA KAYA KAYA adapools.org pool.pm
KNGHT KNGHT Knights of Cardano adapools.org pool.pm

KTOP - Your Staking Partner

  • 0% Margin
  • Minimum operation fee
  • Telegram for detail (https://t.me/CardanoKTOP) If you stake to KTOP, you can get addtional benifit as below
  • KTOP token (Maximum 3ada value)
  • World Mobile token ($WMT)
  • Droperator (Airdrop : $DRIP, $WRT, $VVFI etc)
  • CSPA (Air drop : #cTOSI, $GOKEY etc)
adapools.org pool.pm
ISLA ISLA La Isla ADA Stakepool adapools.org pool.pm
HONEY HONEY LambdaHoneypot adapools.org pool.pm
LATIN LATIN Latino_Staking_Pool

We are totally aligned with Cardano's Vision and Mission with the intention of making our world a more fair place for all / Comprometidos con la Vision y la Mision de Cardano con la Intencion de hacer de nuestro mundo un lugar mas justo para todos.

Our Links - Nuestros vínculos

  • In an effort to accelerate the growth of our LATIN pool, we are running a promotion for a few months, reducing our variable fee to 0% starting in epoch 281. En un esfuerzo por acelerar el crecimiento de nuestro pool LATIN, estamos corriendo una promoción durante unos meses, reduciendo nuestra tarifa variable al 0% comenzando en el epoch 281.
  • LATIN is truly committed to supporting Cardano’s decentralization. We are proud members of the Single Pool Alliance (SPA). We rely on 4 highly secured, permanently monitored servers located in Europe and the US. We offer very competitive fees and pledge, highest transparent performance and on demand delegator support.
  • We are happy to announce that our Latino Staking Pool is powering up CARDANO SIMULATION, a very exciting CNFT project that we truly believe the community will connect with. Cardano Simulation has crafted a CNFT collection “OG Sims”. [CardanoSimulation]
adapools.org pool.pm
LEAD LEAD LEAD Stake Pool adapools.org pool.pm
LIT LIT Lit Staking adapools.org pool.pm
LSSP LSSP LoneStar Staking Pool

We proudly support the Wounded Warrior Project by donating 25% of our 340 Ada fixed fee. We are also a World Mobile Earth-node Operator. Each EPOCH delegators over 1k ADA staked will be rewarded with WMT starting after 2 epochs staking with us. Rewards increase as delegators increase stake. What a bonus-ADA and WMT can be earned together! We are supporters of the Cardano Ecosystem by keeping Cardano decentralized. We are proud member of xSPO Alliance, Cardano Single Pool Alliance.

adapools.org pool.pm
LPR LPR LOPHRE adapools.org pool.pm
MPOL MPOL Maple Pool adapools.org pool.pm
MARTE MARTE MARTE adapools.org pool.pm

A reliable & green Cardano stake pool operating on 100% renewable energy. We donate monthly to carbon capture projects 🌱🌴 Proud single pool operator 💪🏼

adapools.org pool.pm
MNSTR MNSTR Monster adapools.org pool.pm
MOON1 MOON1 MOON1 Stake Pool powered by lunarpool.io adapools.org pool.pm
MYLO MYLO Mylo Pool adapools.org pool.pm
NEXUS NEXUS NEXUS adapools.org pool.pm
NIMUE NIMUE Nimuë Lady of the Lake Pool

— Nimuë will bestow upon you the gift of freedom.
Secure and reliable Belgium based stake pool perpetuating the Cardano vision.

Thank you for checking out our stake pool. We deliver maximum returns for our delegators with minimal fees. To aid decentralization we run our pool from home with a secure setup and a fast robust internet connection, accompanied by a second relay in the cloud.

As it is always warm, always sunny, Nimuë welcomes the shadow of the trees after becoming one with the water. Therefore, she’ll donate 5% of pool fees to #TeamTrees. We must revitalize the green lungs of Mother Nature, one epoch at a time. 🌴🌲🌳 Nimuë likes animals too and will therefore donate another 5% to Vétérinaires Sans Frontières. 🐐🐃🐫

Stake your ADA and delegate to Nimuë Lady of the Lake Pool. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Nimuë Lady of the Lake Pool!

adapools.org pool.pm

We are a community pool located in Northern Europe.

For every epoch we mint a block, we host a charity lottery of 100 Ada 🎁✔

As a delegator at One Equity, you will contribute to our decentralized charity project. This project is built on contributions, engagement and seniority by our delegators.

adapools.org pool.pm
LACE LACE Open Source Software Fund adapools.org pool.pm

Based in South Wales. Supporting Environmental Projects. Single Pool Operator, member of the CSPA. Big pledge of 535K ₳. Low Fee. High Spec VPS Servers run on Green Energy.

Machiavellic ISPO, NUNET Airdrop

Twitter: twitter.com/OystrPool

adapools.org pool.pm
OZZY OZZY Ozzy pool adapools.org pool.pm
PANL PANL PANL adapools.org pool.pm
PET PET PetLoverStake

PetLoverStake [PET♥] is a project dedicated to the stake pool operation, contributing 24/7/365 to the Cardano ecosystem and Community, with the objective of generating income in crypto currency ADA for the financing of native ecological projects related to pet care, wildlife and the environment.

adapools.org pool.pm
PGWAD PGWAD PGWADA pool adapools.org pool.pm

Cardano stake pool with minimal fees

adapools.org pool.pm
PIXEL PIXEL PIXEL adapools.org pool.pm
PLZ PLZ Poolarized adapools.org pool.pm
BIRTH BIRTH Pool [BIRTH] Larissa.Health

Our Mission is Helping to Improve the Environment for Midwifery to Reduce Mortality Related to Pregnancy.

🌱 We are distributing additional ADA, Discoin. 🌱 Delegate for longer than 3 epochs and with +1000 ADA to receive NTX and IAG tokens on top.

Staking on Cardano with Larissa.Health

adapools.org pool.pm
BIKES BIKES Pool for Bikes adapools.org pool.pm
EUTXO EUTXO Pool for EUTXO innovation adapools.org pool.pm
XPPX XPPX Prophet adapools.org pool.pm

🏆 Two-time IOG Delegation recipient for contributions to the Cardano ecosystem. ✅ Single Stake Pool operator (CSPA Alliance member ). ☔️ TosiDrop core team pool. 💰 Low 1% fees! 🖥️ Baremetal block production ( Fibre / Starlink connectivity ) with worldwide cloud relays. 💩 HOSKY token RUG POOL ISPO. 💰 NTX Earndrop. 💯 Active in testnets [PSBT] is our testnet pool. Co-founder of cardanobsd.org - develop/maintain 😈 FreeBSD ports for different Cardano components. ⚡ Ergo Testnet Op. 📡 WMT EN Op. 🐦: @877PSBYTE6 🌐: psilobyte.io

adapools.org pool.pm
PSYA PSYA PsyADA adapools.org pool.pm
QCPOL QCPOL QCPOL adapools.org pool.pm
QXT QXT Quixote Dream Pool adapools.org pool.pm
RABIT RABIT Rabbitholepools adapools.org pool.pm

🚨 RCADA is a member of the xSPO, CSPA & CNC Alliance 🚨

💰 Committing a minimum of 20% of my pool operator’s margin in proud support of the CNC Ala charity project. 💯 All delegates still get full block reward share! 👍🏽 💙 Support small single pool operators & help improve decentralization of Cardano's Blockchain! ♻️ Low 1% fees, operating on 100% renewable energy Bare-Metal Raspberry Pi servers which don't rely on centralized cloud hosting.

🌳🌿⛰ Our mission is to leverage the advantages & efficiency that Cardano's PoS Blockchain offers in order to improve the world for all life to flourish. Through direct support, active involvement & education we strive to implement the features & utility of Cardano’s pioneering technology where it is able to bring forth the most impactful change. We channel our efforts towards our combined passions, with a key interest in Permaculture Design Principles & Regenerative agriculture as well as sustainable energy technology. 🌳🌿⛰

get in touch..👋🏽😊

Website: https://www.stakecardanopool.com/ Discord: https://discord.gg/Zp6Sb8mGhe Twitter: https://twitter.com/RcadaPool

adapools.org pool.pm
RCKSP RCKSP Rckstr Stake Pool adapools.org pool.pm
ROG ROG Republic of Gamers adapools.org pool.pm
RSV RSV Reservoir Node

We run on solar and wind, you can monitor our energy consumption and generation on our website.

adapools.org pool.pm

Welcome to RETRO! We're Beau & Em, a husband & wife duo operating a small single stake pool out of Brisbane, Australia. We run 4 independent NUC nodes and donate a portion of our rewards to Cure Cancer AU and The Sony Foundation.

We're proud members of the Mission Driven Pools collective, Single Pool Alliance, Cardano Bare Metal Alliance, Freeloaderz and SPOCRA (Stake Pool Operator Collective Representation Assembly).

You can follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/retrostakepool

adapools.org pool.pm

Thank you for your interest in SAGAN Stake Pool. You can reach the SPO directly on our Discord server at https://discord.gg/cvFgW7knuv or @saganpool on Telegram and Twitter. Happy Staking! : )

adapools.org pool.pm
SAPIO SAPIO SAPIO adapools.org pool.pm
SEA SEA SeasideStaking

Seaside Staking is a Hosky official rug pool, ARMada alliance member, and participates in blockchain research. Run by the SEA in Australia

adapools.org pool.pm
SCM SCM Sick City Mermaids adapools.org pool.pm

SN₳KE is a Single and Charitable Cardano Stakepool running on NixOS Servers

Donations to MSF.org - Médecins Sans Frontières

Proud and Happy member of CSPA, Armada Alliance and xSPO

Verified ITN Operator https://pooltool.io/pool/342350284fd76ba9dbd7fd4ed579b2a2058d5ee558f8872b37817b28

Certified Cardano Professional Developer at Emurgo Academy https://www.credly.com/badges/68b7bce9-9c15-4af4-9fe0-058f608d1ff2

Twitter: @adasnakepool Telegram: https://t.me/channel_adasnakepool Web: https://asnakep.github.io - Soon new webpage on IPFS

adapools.org pool.pm
SOLPI SOLPI SolPi - Solar powered Pi

Pool info

The SOLPI pool is running on 100% renewable energy, is a member of the ARMada Alliance and the Single Pool Alliance. 20% of pool rewards are donated to help fight climate change and keep our oceans clean.

Shipy Space ISPO

Shipy Space is a blockchain game with the goal to bring utility to as many Cardano NFT projects as possible. Join the FREE ISPO (initial stake pool offering) by staking with SOLPI to get some $NBD tokens! 👾

adapools.org pool.pm
SUDTI SUDTI Southtyrol adapools.org pool.pm
SPIDR SPIDR SpidarPool adapools.org pool.pm

Ideally each stake pool is run by a completely independent actor, uniformly distributed around the world, including diverse hardware and software for their operations. These are our values as a single stake pool operator and that’s why we decided to join Cardano single pool alliance group which has positioned itself as a potential solution that promotes true and diverse decentralisation. This means we are pledging to always run only one stake pool as an independent actor. Our stake pool nodes are running on bare-metal enterprise class servers from Slovenia providing diverse geographical, hardware and software benefits to the Cardano network. All operations are managed by two industry experts who became friends through Cardano.

We have been running our stake pool since the incentivized testnet. We feel like that is when the Cardano community really came together as everyone was keen on helping each other running the network and we were all so excited to be a part of it. After the incentivized testnet IOG encouraged the community to try and build local groups and so we have formed a Slovenian Cardano Stake Pool Operators group where members could discuss Cardano related topics and help each other running our pools. Additionally we contribute towards Cardano adoption by providing open source timestamps of Charles Hoskinson’s AMAs for everyone. We are also active in the Cardano community and open to help anyone set up their own stake pool, delegation or answer any questions related to Cardano on different social channels. Over time we were able to attract Input Output Global and Cardano Foundation delegations which enabled us to stress test and improve our stake pool setup with great success. Despite all these efforts we were not able to attract many delegators except friends and family. We are facing the same challenge as many other small single stake pool operators. As it seems almost impossible to compete with large stake pools owned by multi stake pool operators. We must educate delegators on the importance of decentralisation and persuade as many as possible to switch to single stake pool operators.

adapools.org pool.pm
STKCH STKCH Stake Pool in Geneva adapools.org pool.pm
PRIDE PRIDE Stake with Pride adapools.org pool.pm
SOBIT SOBIT Staking OutOfBits adapools.org pool.pm
OTG OTG Star Forge

🌟 Star Forge ⚡ 🌞 Solar Powered ✅

📡 Starlink Connected ✅ 🖥️ Baremetal SSPO ✅

🌍 World Mobile Earth Node ✅

🦾 Fully ARMed ✅ Extremely Efficient ✅

Testnet Pools ✅

Armada Alliance 🌟 Star Forge ⚡

adapools.org pool.pm
STOIC STOIC Stoic Pool adapools.org pool.pm
SHOCK SHOCK Stop Monkey SHOCKs adapools.org pool.pm
SPCP SPCP Swiss Premium Cardano Pool adapools.org pool.pm
BSP BSP The Brothership Pool adapools.org pool.pm
HAWAK HAWAK The h₳w₳k Pool

HAWAK Pool - Here to offer rewards by delegating Cardano Enthusiast xSPA member CSPA - Single Pool Alliance BMA - Bare Metal Alliance F2LB - First 2 Lifetime Block

adapools.org pool.pm
TTS17 TTS17 The Token Square adapools.org pool.pm
WHITE WHITE The White Project adapools.org pool.pm
TTL TTL Time to Live adapools.org pool.pm
TIM1 TIM1 Timmy1 Pool

Official stakepool for Cardano Ecosystem News by Timmy the cat!

adapools.org pool.pm

Token Stake Pool arm-based block producer | relays 🇲🇽 🇺🇸 | powered by the Sun ☀️ 🌅🌇 | Member of @alliance_armada @AllianceXspo and @CardanoSPA

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TOPO TOPO TOPO adapools.org pool.pm
VLHLA VLHLA Valhalla adapools.org pool.pm
VELA VELA VELA adapools.org pool.pm
VITAL VITAL VITAL adapools.org pool.pm
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Thank you for choosing WEQNT Stake Pool for your staking needs. Our Stake Pool is committed to making a positive impact by investing in initiatives that transform people's lives.

We are proud to have distributed hundreds of solar lights in rural areas across multiple African countries, providing access to clean and renewable energy sources. Furthermore, we are actively engaged in promoting self-sufficiency in food production by supporting local crop growers in the region.

In partnership with https://www.ergolend.org, we also offer crypto-based micro-credit to local businesses, helping to fuel economic growth and create opportunities for underserved communities.

Thank you for your support of WEQNT and our mission to make a meaningful difference in the world.

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WISH WISH Wish Pool adapools.org pool.pm
WOOF WOOF Woof pool adapools.org pool.pm
XST XST Xystence - ADA against child abuse adapools.org pool.pm
YOADA YOADA Yoada adapools.org pool.pm
ZPCT ZPCT Zero Percent Staking adapools.org pool.pm
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PIADA PIADA 𝛑 + ₳ = ∞

PIADA stake pool runs energy efficient ARM hardware. We push the envelope of what is possible on Cardano using the latest hardware.

Twitter: @Piada_stakePool @eastpiada

Founding member of the Armada Alliance.

TeddySwap FISO pool - earn $TEDY

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SMAUG SMAUG 竜SM₳UG adapools.org pool.pm